credibility When I reflect on my professional life, past, present, and future, one major theme emerges — credibility. The importance of establishing a high level of trust in yourself or in your company simply can’t be overstated.

Internally with other companies, my entire goal was to be the guy, Mr. Reliable, the man who could do it all. It was imperative to develop a strong reputation in order to be that credible source of information internally, which took time. Fortunately, as an employee, there is plenty of stability, which affords the time to develop this reputation and credibility.

When I was running my own small business, we had no credibility. We were brand new. A young, small company with minimal experience trying to convince customers that we could perform at the same level as the bigger players and competitors in our industry. Establishing credibility with customers was an uphill battle, but not impossible. What we lacked in corporate maturity, we made up for with three key principles.

  1. Always be available – Whatever hesitation our customers had about the youth and experience of the company was easily mitigated by always being available for them, by phone, text, email, any means necessary.
  2. Preparedness – For any presentation or pitch, we knew we could out-prepare the competition.
  3. Passion – Anything we did for customers was done with the passion and enthusiasm that only a small business can provide, which can cover a multitude of experiential shortfalls.

Creating a successful customer loyalty program is crucial to any businesses’ success, especially during the early years, and can greatly help boost your company’s credibility