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RingCentral Developer May 2016 Update

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ringcentral connect platform This month we are excited to release a number of new APIs that will extend programmatic capabilities of the RingCentral Connect Platform with both new and enhanced capabilities.

New capabilities include:

  1. WebRTC: We released our WebRTC API in beta back in March of this year at the time of the LAUNCH Festival Hackathon. We are happy to announce that this service is now out of beta and available for general use. The WebRTC SDK and demo app is available on GitHub. Thanks to all the customers that have worked with us on this service.
  2. Webhooks beta: We have heard your requests and are now broadening our notifications capabilities to include webhooks in addition to our existing pub/sub Subscription API. With webhooks, simply create a URL to our specifications and subscribe to events using the “WebHook” as the “transportType.” More information is available on the Quickstart Guide for webhooks.
  3. Answering Rules API beta: This API enables users to programmatically update their Call Handling and Forwarding Rules including configuring forwarding numbers (including order and ring times), configuring Ring Groups, and determine whether devices are called simultaneously or sequentially. For more information see our Quickstart Guide for Answering Rules.
  4. Call Queue API beta: The Call Queue API has been enhanced to support adding and removing users from the Call Queue. For more information, see our Quickstart Guide for Call Queues.

Enhanced capabilities include:

  1. Fax API: The fax API now supports multipart/form-data requests in addition to multipart/mixed to simplify fax submissions. See the Quickstart Guide for Fax for more information.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about using or getting access to these APIs.

Originally published May 25, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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