google sso

As RingCentral deepens its Recommended for Google Workspace Partnership, we want to continue to provide enterprises the flexibility to choose the Google authentication method for their IT environments.

RingCentral already supports Google login option (OAuth 2.0) for all RingCentral Office products and we are excited to announce with Google that RingCentral Office products will integrate with Google’s SAML Implementation for Single Sign-On (SAML SSO).

SSO is a very popular enterprise application that enables employees in a company to access all the company applications with one set of credentials. Depending on the company, the credentials can include email and password. SSO is a centralized authentication mechanism that provides better security.

Security assertion markup language (SAML), which is a popular industry standard for SSO, has been an important area for continued Google Workspace development. Starting today, RingCentral will be listed in the Google Workspace SAML application catalog.

RingCentral is already available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. When installed via the Marketplace, the RingCentral app will provide rich integration with Google Workspace products and a superior experience. In addition, RingCentral has also supported a “Google login” option via OpenID Connect protocol for users to access their accounts on the application’s website.

The SAML catalog version being launched today, on the other hand, only provides SAML-based authentication so that your users can access their RingCentral accounts on our website using Google as a SAML IdP (identity provider). Some enterprises prefer the SAML approach, and this launch is all about giving our customers more choice to integrate their applications using a method that suits them.

If you do not have a corporate requirement to use SAML, Google recommends using the Google Workspace Marketplace application and the Google login option.

RingCentral SSO is available to all RingCentral Office Premium and Enterprise customers. SSO works with RingCentral apps such as the RingCentral mobile app, RingCentral for Desktop, RingCentral Meetings, RingCentral Glip, and the RingCentral for Google Chrome Extension.

Learn more about Google SSO.