Last week’s customer success story featured founder and CEO Tucker Robeson of CDL Helpers, a consulting company aimed at helping the trucking industry reduce employee turnover and increase productivity. We are happy to see that CDL Helpers appears in today’s issue of on ‘How Cloud Computing Saved My Business‘ by Stuart Wolpin. Stuart interviewed CDL Helpers on their use of RingCentral’s cloud phone system, as excerpted below:

Dilemma: Spiraling costs of phone systems. 

Founded in April 2011, CDL Helpers lends a sympathetic ear to thousands of truckers nationwide. Its half-dozen tactical management agents spend nearly seven hours a day talking with drivers of client companies, collecting anonymous information about their experiences.

An automated switchboard phone system to keep in touch with drivers across the country would have cost $1,500, plus another $3,000 to $5,000 to set up and is not easily expandable. In addition, long-distance phone bills would have totaled about $500 a month according to CDL founder and CEO Tucker Robeson.

Solution: VoIP-based phone system RingCentral. 
Launching on a shoestring, Robeson opted instead to use cloud-based RingCentral, which costs $50 a month. It allows Robeson to add lines and extensions via his PC quickly and inexpensively. The only phone equipment CDL needs are $50 PC gaming headsets.

Thanks to the cloud, CDL says, it has been able to pass along its cost savings to customers and attract new clients at a faster rate.

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