As part of a new series at RingCentral, we’re highlighting some of our most interesting customers and the ways in which RingCentral helps them. This week we are featuring LifeGuardian Technologies, LLC, a distributor of life-saving emergency medical alert devices.

When you think of virtual offices, you probably think of IT companies, banking, online start-ups and government departments. But an online office can also work for the medical field.

LifeGuardian Technologies recently made the switch to RingCentral Office for their business needs. They were looking for a cloud-computing solution as well as a world-class phone system, and they wanted the ability to present a consistent, professional image. With RingCentral, they got all these features as well as lower costs (their phone spending plummeted by 700% per month), less hassle, a flexible system and top-quality IP phone lines. Not to mention some other services which weren’t available with their legacy telecommunications system. And all of these features are now under one vendor, which means LifeGuardian’s accounting department became one of our biggest fans.

All these bonuses make LifeGuardian work smarter and more efficiently, helping the firm offer the highest-quality service to patients and customers. If you are looking to shave a few bucks from your monthly budget while upgrading your office phone system, then look no further than RingCentral Office. Your patients will thank you for it – and so will your employees.

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