DCIT develops point-of-sale and inventory-control software for jewelry retailers. The company’s MySQL-based software is designed to be reliable, scalable and easy to use – so it’s little wonder DCIT turned to RingCentral for business phone service.

DCIT is heavily reliant on its phone system, company founder Raffi Minassian told us. DCIT sells its products through an e-commerce portal, but it offers implementation assistance to new customers over the phone. The firm provides phone-based support on an ongoing basis, as well. Raffi Minassian

“Our customers like to call in for tech support,” Raffi said. “And about 85 percent of the initial [implementation] phase takes place over the phone.”

Because DCIT uses its phone system so frequently, high-quality voice service is a must-have. But, Raffi noted, the company’s old provider wasn’t delivering on the call-quality front. Garbled calls and poor service limited DCIT’s ability to communicate with its customers and help them get their software up and running. That was a deal-breaker for Raffi and his colleagues.

When DCIT learned about RingCentral, however, the company knew it would fill all of the gaps in its existing phone service.

“Compared to our old phone system, RingCentral has far more features and no quality issues,” Raffi said.

DCIT logo Not only does RingCentral promise higher quality, it offers mobility benefits that the competition can’t match. The RingCentral iPhone app is especially popular, as it enables Raffi to stay connected when he’s on the road and empowers his employees to work from home.

The very best feature of RingCentral phone service may be how it fades into the background, Raffi noted. “You don’t have to mess with it, you don’t think about it, it just works,” Raffi says. “We can forget it’s there. That’s exactly what you want from your phone system.

“RingCentral,” Raffi concluded, “does everything we need.”