medium_2629764552 Last week we introduced you to RingCentral’s conferencing feature – a free add-on in all US RingCentral Office plans. This week we’re highlighting how conferencing works for RingCentral users (as opposed to account admins).

If you log in to your Office account, a link to your conferencing details will be visible near the top of the account overview page:


Clicking this link as an admin will show the conference dial-in number and access codes for your account. What if different people in your organization want to schedule conferences at the same time, though?

Good news: Each user on an Office account has unique conference login codes. That means you can have as many conferences at once as there are users on your account.

Users can find their conference access codes by using the “Conference” link displayed above. They can also navigate to My Settings > Phones & Numbers:

User conferencing1

RingCentral Conferencing is easy to use for both admins and users – so give it a try today! If you need help finding your way around conferencing, visit the Conferencing section of the RingCentral Support Center.

Featured photo courtesy of Incase. via photopin cc.