medium_2311309574 RingCentral Conferencing, included on most Office plans in the US, is an easy (and free!) way to connect to colleagues or prospects.

RingCentral conferences are easy to set up. Your Office account includes a conference dial-in telephone number and six- or nine-digit host and participant access codes – simply share the phone number and the participant access code to arrange a conference.

Why should you give conferencing a try? Here are the top three reasons to put conferencing to work for you.

Conferences with as many as 1,000 participants

RingCentral conferences support as many as 1,000 participants, making it possible to connect with large numbers of people in many different locations at once.

Launch conferences and invite participants from a PC or mobile device

RingCentral conferencing integrates closely with the RingCentral mobile app for iOS and Android. In just a few taps, you can invite people to an ad-hoc conference via email or Business SMS and call  your dial-in number over VoIP.


You can also pull your dial-in number and access codes from your online account at look for the Conference link to find them.


Local dial-in numbers for more than 40 countries

By default, your conference dial-in number will be a US local number. If you’d like to invite participants from other countries, you can provide them with country-specific numbers. RingCentral provides conference dial-ins for more than 40 countries!

To set up international conference calls, visit this article in the RingCentral Support Center. Note that, while the dial-in number may vary across borders, your account’s specific access codes will not change.

Featured photo courtesy of jonas_k via photopin cc.