medium_5480147118 Most US RingCentral Office plans include free unlimited conferencing – and you can get even more out of RingCentral Conferencing if you are using the RingCentral mobile app for iOS or Android.

The RingCentral app – also free – includes a section just for conferencing. Tap the Menu button at the lower-left corner of the screen (or swipe left) to view the Conference section:


If you tap Conference, you’ll see your extension’s unique conference dial-in information:


From this screen, you can tap “Invite with Text Messaging” to send a Business SMS message to anyone you want to join the conference. Tapping “Invite with Email” will open a new email in your default email app with the conference dial-in info prefilled. You can also tap “Join as Host” to start an ad-hoc conference. (“Join as Host” will use your default dialing method – VoIP if you’ve turned VoIP calling on under My Mobile App Settings, or RingOut if VoIP calling is off.)

With RingCentral Office, conferencing is easy to use – and RingCentral’s totally free mobile apps make it even more convenient. Try setting up a mobile conference today!

Featured photo courtesy of brendan-c via photopin cc.