What Can I do on the Community? And, how do I use it?

The RingCentral Community is available 24×7 and allows you to ask questions, get help, help others, access training, share new ideas with our product team, and more.  Our Community members consist of customers just like you, technical support agents, product managers, and some of our expert resellers.  The Community contains over 1500 discussion topics, and is growing every day.  There is almost no question that has not already been asked, which means you can often get help faster without having to call in or open a help ticket.

How do I get help, or ask a question? 

The home page of the Community contains two search boxes. When on the home page, the two boxes provide the same function, so you can type your question, or search phrase into either box and you will receive the same search results.

community search From the search results page, you can click on any topic title to read the full post.  If you do not see an existing topic that is the same, or similar to the question you are asking, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Continue Creating Conversation” button where you can post your new question and provide other details.

community question If you do see an existing topic that is related to your question you can click the title, read the full post, and then also view “Related Conversations” which will appear on the right hand side of the page.

I’m getting too many results. How can I focus my search?

You can narrow your results a few different ways. First, you can start by clicking the “Categories” link on the top menu, then, for example, you could click the “Mobile Apps” category.  If you use the second search box located under the “Mobile Apps” title, then your search will query only the topics under the Mobile Apps category of the Community.

community category searchSo for example if you search for “failed fax” while on the Mobile Apps category page, you will only find a few results which are related to faxing from mobile devices.  If you return to the Community home page and perform the same search, you’ll receive dozens of results because it searches the entire Community rather than the single category.

Another method of refining your search is to use the search operators “AND”, and “OR” (must be capitalized).

For example if

Search = block number OR stop spam 

Results = topics that either contain both terms block number or contain both terms stop spam

If your search is 

Search = change AND password 

Results = Will contain topics that contain both terms change and password. 

By default our searches are implicit AND which means that when you do not put any Boolean operator (AND/OR) in between terms it will look for topics that contain all the terms in the query. For example, change password will return all topics that contain both the terms change and password.

In the case of lower case “and” what you are noticing is this behavior. Lowercase “and” and “or” are stopwords hence eliminated. The terms in the query are then joined by implicit AND and the response is returned.