One of the major features of RingCentral’s Cloud Touch platform is the extension of “presence” beyond desk phones to smart mobile devices. This means colleagues can see your call status (and vice versa) whether you’re on a smartphone, home phone,  soft phone, desk phone, or any other phone — as long as you’re using RingCentral.

“Presence” or Busy Lamp Field (BLF), has traditionally been used by receptionists to see employees’ phone availability when connecting calls from the front desk. But we believe more professionals are increasingly leveraging the use of presence, especially given the rise of distributed workforces and the proliferation of mobile devices. That’s why we designed RingCentral Cloud Presence to accommodate this highly agile business environment.

RingCentral Cloud Presence detects an employee’s presence on any device within the corporate network, enabling colleagues to check availability for more efficient and precise communications (phone tag be gone!). Setting up Cloud Presence is easy through a drop-down menu so you can choose which users to monitor. Users can even call their most frequent contacts through one-touch access.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on Cloud Presence and how it helps in streamlining your corporate communications.