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cloud app The RingCentral App for enhances your CRM experience with integrated cloud business communications, improving workforce productivity, increasing call efficiency, and enhancing customer interaction. With our new integration, the RingCentral Cloud App requires no software installation to use, just like your Salesforce CRM. You can download our new RingCentral Cloud App for Salesforce by clicking on this link.


With the new RingCentral Cloud App for Salesforce you can:

  1. Call leads and customers from within Salesforce, by using the RingCentral App dialpad or simply clicking on any phone number in Salesforce.
  2. Instantly match incoming callers to existing contact records, which are automatically displayed.
  3. Log notes during or after a call and switch between browser tabs to work on multiple interactions.



This greatly benefits admins and users because:

The RingCentral App for Salesforce is compatible with all major browsers on PC and Mac and supports Salesforce Professional Edition and above. It requires RingCentral Office Premium or Enterprise Editions.

To get your new and updated RingCentral Cloud App for Salesforce, simply follow these instructions (note, you will need to be an administrator for your Salesforce orga to install this app):

Step 1) Access to Salesforce AppExchange by clicking here

You will see a screen like this that explains all the new features of the app. Click on the green “Get It Now” button on the right side of the screen to begin the installation process.


Step 2) Click on the “Log in to the AppExchange” button. 

Administrators can use their Salesforce credentials to login. If you do not have a login, you can opt to continue as a guest.


Step 3) Type in your Salesforce user name and password. 

Click on the “Log in to Salesforce” button to access your Salesforce dashboard. Your Salesforce account will then be synced with the RingCentral app, it is all in the cloud so no desktop software is needed.

2014-09-08_14-11-52 It’s as easy as that! The RingCentral Cloud App for Salesforce will now work with any RingCentral endpoint: a desk phone, the mobile app, or a softphone.

For more information on how to get started, please see our admin guide and user guide.

[Please note, this feature is currently available only to existing RingCentral Office Premium and Enterprise Edition customers in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. The Cloud App will be available to new customers on 10/02/2014. Please stay tuned for additional information.]

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