KID-5296-Xiamen_-China-Blog-Image On Saturday, August 13, we’ll be hosting our first Annual Cloud Conference in association with the local China government to discuss the latest innovations in cloud and mobile technology. The event will take place in Software Park II in Xiamen and will be a great opportunity for us to bring a piece of Silicon Valley to China.

The conference is already attracting some of the brightest software engineers and product executives in the Xiamen region. We’re looking forward to further solidifying our competitive edge by offering an engaging speaker lineup of some of RingCentral’s top talent.

I’ll be speaking at the conference on Saturday, August 13 alongside Ned Loh, Vice GM of China; Helena Chen, UI; Tom Wang, Sr. Tech Lead Integrations; Albert Gu, Glip C++ Mobile Engineer; and Ian Zhang, Head of Automation.

Attendees will meet, collaborate, and explore the latest cloud and mobile technological advances and learn how to leverage them within their organizations. Among the various workshops, attendees will learn how to build a mobile messaging app from scratch, how to build an automation framework from the ground up, and how to use the scrum process to their advantage.

Governor of the Xiamen Software Park, Ms. Chen, had nothing but positive things to say about our partnership:

“As the government office responsible for investment attraction in Xiamen Software Park, we are proud to associate with RingCentral, a true success story in Xiamen. Due to their continued investment in engineering and product over the years, RingCentral has attracted some of the most innovative minds in the industry not only from China but globally as well. We are glad to partner with RingCentral, and look forward to further cooperation in the future.”

It’s our hope that this conference will further solidify RingCentral as a cutting-edge company in Xiamen. We’ll be sure to report back with our key takeaways from the conference!