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RingCentral at Oktane17: Hear How Carvana Scales Business Communications with Secure, No Headache Connections


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Octane17 has already occurred. Learn more about RingCentral at Oktane19.

If you haven’t yet heard of Carvana, you soon will. Carvana is revolutionizing the car-buying process by removing the middle man and delivering high quality vehicles directly to the customer. Who would have thought that buying a car could be as easy as buying a can of soda? Well, Carvana proved it’s possible by introducing the world’s first coin-operated car vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee. Such a pioneering, customer-centric business requires the most reliable, secure, and streamlined technology in order to sustain rapid growth.

Join RingCentral at Oktane17 for our lifecycle session: Scaling Business Communications with Secure No Headache Connections, with Imran Kazi, Director of Technology Services at Carvana, and Mitch Tarica, SVP of Commercial and Enterprise Sales at RingCentral. They’ll walk us through how Okta and RingCentral together provide Carvana with a personalized, robust cloud communications and collaboration solution. By integrating Okta’s safe and secure Single Sign-on with the convenience of the multifaceted RingCentral mobile app, Carvana’s remote customer advocates can now seamlessly connect and assist customers from any location, on any device. This new and fundamental capability, bolstered by a variety of support features, has helped facilitate Carvana’s ambitious rollout of 40 locations within 15 months.

Sign up now to visit RingCentral at Oktane17, booth #G5, and learn how your business can scale and benefit from the same connectivity, efficiency, and productivity gains enjoyed by Carvana. We look forward to seeing you there!

What: RingCentral at Oktane17

Lifecycle session: Scaling Business Communications with Secure No Headache Connections

When: Tuesday August 29, 3:45–4:30 p.m.

Where: Pinyon 6-7 at Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

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Originally published Aug 17, 2017, updated Aug 11, 2020

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