Great news for users: RingCentral Office and Salesforce are now integrated with the help of RingCentral’s Salesforce app.

The app – a client that runs on top of the RingCentral softphone – makes it possible to place and receive RingCentral calls directly through Salesforce’s web interface. That means you can:

  • Identify contacts as calls come in;
  • Click to dial contacts from within Salesforce, saving time;
  • And log call notes directly into your Salesforce customer records.

By streamlining the process of calling leads and customers, RingCentral’s Salesforce app can enhance how both services work – a true win-win, our executive vice president of innovation says.

“With this new Salesforce integration, we’re building on our strategy to integrate with key enterprise cloud services to help businesses be more productive and provide better service,” Kira Makagon, RingCentral’s executive vice president of innovation, notes. “This integration gives companies, especially larger businesses, a better alternative to inflexible hardware-based phone systems.”

The RingCentral App for Salesforce is free to download in Salesforce’s AppExchange. At present, it is available to RingCentral Office Unlimited customers using Windows and Salesforce Professional edition and above.

Not a Salesforce user? You can still take advantage of many of the RingCentral app’s features with the free RingCentral softphone. It’s available in your RingCentral account under the Tools tab. There are editions for 32- and 64-bit Mac and Windows – and it’s available to ALL RingCentral customers (Fax, Professional and Office). You can learn more about the softphone here.

For more information on RingCentral’s integration with Salesforce, go to