Broad adoption of Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a direct result of the increasing enterprise shift toward cloud solutions, like unified communications as a service (UCaaS). SD-WAN helps enterprises achieve greater network agility and improve the reliability of the WAN cost-efficiently, with a cloud-first architecture. Enterprises can connect offices and remote users directly to cloud services securely and reliably, eliminating the need for expensive and complex network links to launch and support remote locations.

One of SD-WAN’s primary use cases is UCaaS. That is why I’m excited to announce our new SD-WAN Alliance Program with leading cloud SD-WAN vendors, including VMware, CloudGenix, Riverbed, Cradlepoint, Windstream Enterprise, and GTT Communications. Together, we’re able to deploy RingCentral across all headquarters and remote locations quickly and cost-effectively, with an additional layer of voice quality and reliability, regardless of the type of connectivity used by employees, customers, or business partners.

These SD-WAN vendor solutions are certified and work flawlessly with RingCentral. This is incredibly beneficial to our joint customers as their critical communications data is prioritized in their networks. Ultimately, with an SD-WAN layer working in conjunction with RingCentral, businesses gain better optimization and quality-of-service standards, as well as reduced packet loss, jitter, and latency, even in poorer broadband scenarios.

SD-WAN technology incorporates a set of data and traffic optimization features that adds an incremental layer of voice quality and reliability assurance across any endpoint, even when used in remote branches over shared broadband connections. By minimizing data packet loss and manipulating data packet sizes, SD-WAN ensures delivery for every available data packet via the best possible route, resulting in higher-quality interactions across both video and voice endpoints, even when the primary network link fails.

RingCentral is at the forefront of ensuring the best possible voice and video quality experience over different types of network links. Such initiatives include applying proprietary forward-error correction and variable bit rates at endpoints, as well as offering real-time quality-of-service metrics that monitor a business phone system’s global health and accurately diagnose call-quality issues impacting users. RingCentral enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of migrating communications to the cloud with impeccable voice and video quality.

We believe businesses should have the freedom to choose the networking vendor they feel makes the most sense for their technology stacks. Through partnerships with these leading SD-WAN vendors, we are proud to offer a broad range of networking solutions so our joint customers have different pathways to achieving optimal quality performance.

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