kid-5923-cloudconnect_blog_r2 Here at RingCentralwe have always delivered our managed cloud services via the public internet, also known as Over-the-Top (OTT).  In this model, our customers bring their own broadband service to connect to the internet, from which they access the cloud, and in turn RingCentral’s services.

Today our connectivity choices are expanding with the introduction of RingCentral CloudConnect, a new service that enables a private, dedicated interconnection allowing our customers to leverage their dedicated and private connections from their headquarters or large branch locations to directly connect to the RingCentral cloud platform. Our enterprise customers now have the option of using their preferred network service provider to connect through a private data exchange with CloudConnect.

Why did we decide to offer CloudConnect? In short, because our customers asked for it. While the majority of our customers connectivity needs can be met using an OTT connection to RingCentral, we’re increasingly being asked by enterprise customers for a way to connect their own carrier-provided dedicated networks to our cloud platform via a dedicated, private connection to provide them with predictable performance, higher quality, and an added layer of security.  

We want to make it easier for our customers to ensure that our cloud platform adheres to their specific business needs as well as their processes and practices.  Many businesses have strict protocols or regulatory requirements that must be managed and maintained.

For example, you might use CloudConnect if you’re a financial services firm that does its own trading. In that scenario, communications around your trading are mission-critical, and you want the extra layer of reliability and performance that a direct connection can offer.

Like our traditional offering, CloudConnect is designed to support enterprises around the world, and as such, is supported by RingCentral data centers located around the world. We have 14 meet-me locations across North America, EMEA, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.  

Finally, both professional services project management and RingCentral NOC (network operations center) management is included with every CloudConnect service. From the instant a customer is interested, we work with the customer and their preferred network service provider to project manage this connection all the way through, from end to end. Once the service is up and running, we watch and monitoring the health of the customer’s CloudConnect, alerting and fixing any potential problems should they arise.

RingCentral CloudConnect is scalable, can be purchased and configured for redundancy, and works with our customer’s preferred network service provider. Read more about it here.