RC_Polycom_VVX500_left Sometime in October 2013, we will be pushing a firmware update to several models of Polycom IP phone on the RingCentral network. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the purpose of the firmware update?

This update will improve the data that certain Polycom phones provide to our network operations team. We will be able to proactively address QoS (quality-of-service) issues and optimize call quality across our network.

Which Polycom phone models will be updated?

Only older Polycom phones – the 321, 335, 550 and 650 – will receive next month’s update. Polycom’s newer VVX models are already up to spec.

I have one of the Polycom models that will receive an update. How will I be affected?

Once your phones have updated, they won’t function any differently on your end. But you may need to back up your phone settings prior to the update.

How will I know whether I have to back up my settings?

When we update your phone’s firmware, all of your custom settings – headset settings, wallpaper, ringtone selections and contacts – will be lost. If you have modified any of these settings and want to preserve them, you will need to perform a backup before the update occurs.

How do I perform a backup?

To learn more about backing up the Polycom models that will receive updated firmware, visit this knowledge base article. If you need additional assistance backing up your phone, open a help ticket at our Support Center.

Can my phone break during the update process?

Firmware updates will only render a phone inoperable if the phone’s power supply is interrupted while the update is taking place. Should this occur, we will replace your phone at no cost to you – whether or not you purchased the phone from RingCentral.

What if I’m using another brand of IP phone? Will I need to back up my settings?

If you’re using a phone from Cisco, Yealink, Grandstream, Snom or any vendor other than Polycom, you don’t need to do anything. We may update your phone’s firmware at a later date. Should we plan to do so, we will notify you well in advance.