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RingCentral Add-ins connects all your apps in one place


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Employees are doing more than ever these days—and that’s why we’re making it easier to get more done, minus the friction and wasted time that normally comes along with multitasking.

Users of the RingCentral app already know that all-in-one messaging, video, and phone make collaborating with teammates and partners simple and seamless, from home, the office, or anywhere. Now, RingCentral Add-ins integrates the business tools you use every day into the RingCentral app.

Bring your most valuable apps into RingCentral

A new generation of multitaskers

While multitasking is hardly a new phenomenon, employees are doing more of it than ever, and using more apps to support everyday business needs and workflows since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid lockdowns and a shift to remote work, time spent using business apps soared a whopping 220% in 2020. And there’s no signs this app overload is abating.

That’s both good and bad news as far as productivity is concerned.

While many such apps are vital for supporting employees’ day-to-day functioning, the drag of switching between solutions (and loss of focus and momentum that can accompany app switching) is a time thief: RingCentral research has found that 69% of employees waste up to an hour each day—or a total of 32 days per year—navigating between apps.

The power of RingCentral Add-ins

While RingCentral is ultimately about making it easier for people to collaborate and do their best work, there’s a lot more involved in collaboration than just talk. Tasks such as signing documents, updating the status of a project or tagging a teammate, changing due dates, and receiving BI notifications are no less important—and optimal collaboration requires employees to be able to perform this work seamlessly.

That’s where RingCentral Add-ins comes in.

With our intuitive App Gallery available directly within the RingCentral app, it’s easy to add the must-have tools employees use every day, such as  Jira, DocuSign, Trello, and more. Once installed, users can take action from directly within their messages. They allow teams to automate their customized workflows to drive efficiency and productivity, allowing employees to access vital tools without losing time or context to app toggling.

How do RingCentral Add-ins work?

RingCentral Add-ins are built on the open-standard Adaptive Card Framework, which has a large developer community and is very intuitive to develop on. This makes it simple to embed a variety of rich media content, including videos, carousels, complex layouts, forms for data collection, and visibility toggles.

RingCentral offers a full developer framework for Add-ins, along with reference implementations, to make building custom Add-ins a breeze, too. With our Add-ins APIs and webhooks, developers can quickly and easily manage user feedback and push updates.

Whether for a team of one or 100, it’s simple to implement the functionalities needed—all in one place.

Doing more is easier than ever

We’re excited to roll out our Add-in integrations with Akazio, BugSnag, GitHub, Keeper AI, and Trello, all available now. And stay tuned for Add-ins with Aisera, Bridge OC, DocuSign, Genesis, Hubspot, Jira, Liquid Voice, Prodoscore, RingClone, and RSI, being released shortly.

Visit our App Gallery to view the current applications or learn how to build your own on our Add-ins developer page.

Originally published Oct 15, 2021, updated Dec 30, 2022

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