realestatesign For real estate professionals, having a unified communications solution isn’t just helpful – it’s an absolute necessity. Staying in constant touch with customers, prospects and colleagues; sending and receiving documents; and keeping ahead of the competition with strategic marketing and messaging are all in a day’s work. This level of multitasking definitely requires a robust, yet simplified solution that effectively manages both phone and fax communications.

RingCentral’s virtual PBX has enabled thousands of real estate professionals to streamline their communications, and there are other features of RingCentral that can improve real estate pros’ ability to market themselves. Customized greetings, Click-to-Call website buttons and call logs for ad tracking are just a few of the tools that are being used by those within the real estate industry who want to project a more professional image and provide a heightened level of customer service.

John Sabia, a Fort Lauderdale real estate professional with over two decades of experience, depends on RingCentral for his day-to-day business communications. As one of the top residential realtors in his market, Sabia had tried a number of phone solutions but was never completely satisfied – until he found RingCentral. Now, he considers RingCentral’s virtual PBX system and online fax feature instrumental to his success.

“I’m not tied to my fax machine, waiting for documents to arrive,” says Sabia. “RingCentral is an incredible time-saver! It has definitely allowed me to better serve my clients and increase my productivity.”

Like Sabia, the team at Urban Real Estate in Chicago also required a streamlined, flexible communication solution and chose RingCentral over a traditional premise-based, office phone system. The switch to RingCentral cut costs, improved communications and gave the busy brokerage a distinct competitive advantage by enabling it to ramp up its marketing and lead-generation efforts.

“Phone calls are critical in the real estate industry, but too many brokers rely on just their mobile phones,” explains Matt Farrell, the owner of Urban Real Estate. “They miss calls and sound unprofessional. By using RingCentral’s internet phone system, we have a real advantage – our team relies on RingCentral to manage communications no matter where our busy brokers are located at any given time.”

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