office guide Setting up your RingCentral system is quick and easy. With a few simple steps your RingCentral Office system will be up and running with fax, SMS, call capabilities, and more. Read the instructions below, and learn how to set up your new RingCentral Office account.

Step 1) Activate Your RingCentral Service.

Click the activation link in your welcome E-mail and follow the set up Wizard. Create your account password and select a security question and answer. Start the Express Setup wizard and enter your Company info, e999 service address, Time Zone, User and Extension info.

2014-09-17_11-47-40 Add call queue groups and assign members and extensions. Set up Auto-Receptionist and call handling rules. Load your custom greeting or simply select the default greeting.

You can choose to download the RingCentral Softphone application to control your calls right from your computer. You can answer, screen and transfer calls or send them directly to your voicemail box directly from your computer.

Download our Mobile Apps to your iPhone or Android smartphone to take your RingCentral service with you anywhere you go!

Step 2) Set Up Your IP Phones.


First, attach your handset to your phone base using the coiled cord provided (if applicable).

Next, if you are not using Power Over Ethernet, or POE, connect your phone to the A/C adapter device.

Plug the Ethernet cable into the WAN port on your phone. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your router or Internet jack in the wall.

If you don’t have a router or available Internet jack, connect the LAN port on your IP phone to your PC. This is applicable for 2-port phones only.

Step 3) Customize Your RingCentral Phone System.

Primary users, or account owners, and Administrators may set up and change the phone system settings and assign users and extensions. Assigned users may change their voicemail greeting and call handling rules for their extension. Updating settings in your RingCentral phone system is as simple as point-click-and-type. Built-in short video tutorials guide you along the way.

Check out the graphic below to learn how to edit personal information on your RingCentral system.

2014-09-19_10-58-50Your RingCentral Service is activated and operational in just minutes! For any questions regarding your set up, you can go to our community by clicking here, or visit our customer support portal.