Bret Knobelauch is Vice President of Sales at ProsperWorks, a CRM company whose solution was built based on the belief that CRM should be seamlessly integrated into employees’ most frequently used tools. As Vice President of Sales, he’s heavily focused on making it easier for sales reps to sell more, more quickly. We spoke with Bret recently about ProsperWorks, his approach to increasing the productivity and efficiency of his salespeople, and how integrating core business applications like ProsperWorks CRM with Google Apps for Work and his RingCentral business communications solution enables him to optimize his employees’ performance.

RingCentral: Tell us about ProsperWorks—your business model, technology, products and services.

Bret: ProsperWorks is a CRM company; we’re built specifically for Google apps. We’re the world’s first zero-input CRM system. Ultimately, our goal is to help salespeople sell more, and by eliminating the data entry, ultimately, we’re saving the sales reps a lot of time. By having the data actually automatically go into the CRM, they’re spending three, four less hours per day than by inputting data manually. Ultimately, that drives better forecasting.

RC: What are the most critical things, in terms of toolkits and resources, your sales reps need most to be successful? Specifically, what tools do you provide your team to help them move your numbers forward for ProsperWorks?

Bret: There are several things as far as sales tools that our reps need to be successful. Ultimately, as a sales leader, my goal is to try to minimize the time they spend doing manual processes as much as possible. ProsperWorks CRM is one of those options in the way it eliminates manual data entry. RingCentral is another of those options that saves them time by giving them click-to-dial ability, so they don’t actually have to dial every number. They just click a button to make a call.

RC: How important is mobility—the mobility of your sales team and mobility of your clients? How important is it for your sales reps to have the ability to do their jobs while being mobile and agile?

Bret: I would say that 50% of my reps’ days are spent on RingCentral’s mobile apps. You cannot keep sales reps in a chair for more than 20 minutes. They cannot sit at a desk all day just on their hard phone. They will run around like crazy. (I said hard phone. I want to say VOIP.) What I need to do is give them the functionality to be free, to be able to move, but also have the same quality they would have sitting at their desks.

RC: Can you talk just a little bit about how ProsperWorks is an ambitious, fast-moving company, and why RingCentral is a really good strategic partner for a company like yours with those characteristics in mind?

Bret: Realizing that people spend a majority of their days within their Gmail and then going and installing a Chrome extension in the Gmail was a very ambitious move that both of our companies decided to make, really trying to capitalize on the Google environment.

I think as a fast-growing company, we need a scalable, reliable solution. RingCentral provides that for us. As an ambitious company, we have a fast growth path as far as hiring goes, so we’ll be hiring a lot of employees over the next couple years. We need to make sure that we’re providing them the solutions that are going to drive their success.