the-entourage-walking Important people have… people. The president doesn’t have a cell phone; he has people nearby him who do. Executives in movies always have an administrator outside their door to guard their time and impress their constituents. Jennifer Lopez cavorts around town with 20 assistants.

HBO has a hit series called Entourage. The social message of an entourage is clear – respect me.

People with the wherewithal to organize others to support their causes and endeavors garner our respect almost instantly. In ancient times, leaders never walked, but were always carried by an entourage of their staff. When you meet an important person, you rarely meet them first – you meet their people.

Adding a professionally recorded voicemail and auto attendant greeting to your company’s phone system conveys the same message virtually. Professionally created voicemail greetings are done by skilled radio and advertising voiceover professionals from a custom script tailored to your business. This virtual entourage creates much of the same effect in your prospects and customers. (“Wow, they have people!”)

In today’s digital world, it’s inexpensive to have virtual people, but the psychological effect can be much the same as the respect a well-dressed leader garners by walking down the street surrounded by eager assistants.