Being a product guy, I’m always testing the latest services and mobile apps; that means registering a boatload of accounts and giving everyone and their mom my phone number. You can imagine the number of calls I get from telemarketers!

Before RingCentral, I would usually provide a random phone number, but there are times when a real number is required. Eventually I received so many calls from these telemarketers that I just ignored all calls to my business line, which became my junk-call number. I eventually had to get a new number for official business use.

This is why I love RingCentral’s call screening feature. If someone I don’t know calls me, the system will automatically screen them for me (forcing the caller to say their name). I can decide to answer immediately or send the caller to voicemail and eavesdrop as they’re leaving me a message – if it’s important, I just barge in and pickup the call. No more need for a junk-call number. How cool is that!

(Personal tip: if you have our call controller installed, you can do the screening on your computer)