Sandra Jones, of Premier System Parking in Memphis, hadn’t even heard of cloud-based phone service until a RingCentral sales executive reached out to her via email. Initially, Sandra tells us, she ignored his messages. But the benefits he described were too compelling to pass up.

Premier System Parking was founded in 1999. The company, which manages surface lots and parking garages across the city of Memphis, Tenn., bought and installed a conventional PBX phone system when it launched – and it was still using that same phone system 13 years later, when Sandra began investigating other options.

Prompting her to consider RingCentral was the fact that Premier System Parking’s PBX had become a headache to manage. “We didn’t have any control over it,” Sandra says. “We needed to call a technician to do anything – even something basic like making changes to extensions.” Calling a telecom technician any time a settings change needed to be made was proving to be irritating, and the parking company was paying through the nose for the privilege.

RingCentral’s cloud phone system, by contrast, offered a solution that was simple and straightforward. A RingCentral system wouldn’t have to be managed by third-party technicians and would cost much less than Premier System Parking’s old PBX.

RingCentral’s online fax functionality was particularly endearing to Sandra’s colleagues, she reports.

“I found out that we could send faxes from computer and I was sold,” Sandra laughs.

Now that Premier System Parking has gotten familiar with RingCentral, Sandra and her colleagues are using more of the system’s call-management features. Sandra forwards calls when she’s out of the office, activates Do-Not-Disturb (DND) to send callers directly to voicemail and keeps her direct-dial number private – all things that are incredibly easy to do with a RingCentral phone system.

Plus, RingCentral is affordable enough that Premier System Parking can afford a phone for each of its six in-office employees. Should the company expand in the future, RingCentral will be able to grow as it does.

“RingCentral is a lot cheaper than what we were paying, and you have more control,” Sandra says. “It’s a win-win.”