When we re-imagined the cloud business phone system, we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.

For years now, RingCentral brought the sophisticated cloud business phone system to small and medium sized businesses, eliminating the need for capital-intensive hardware. We took it a step further with this week’s launch of the new version of our platform, which brings professional PBX features beyond the realm of IT administrators to the fingertips of the business owners and employees. Our aim is to build a telephony solution that is as nimble and fluid as the business environments of our customers.

We call this new RingCentral platform “Cloud Touch.” You can test drive Cloud Touch and its features with our interactive demo here. Essentially, Cloud Touch is a touch-powered platform, allowing businesses to manage phone systems from the touch interfaces of  iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s the industry’s first and only touch-powered platform for business phone systems, and it offers intuitive, customizable settings for administrators and users.

The Cloud Touch user experience is simplified, the visual design is modernized, and the features are stripped of arcane jargon — making the system more approachable for day-to-day use. Users can adjust their business phone system in minutes, regardless of where they are, simply by using a connected device.

A new employee on board? No problem. Phone calls can be routed to her in a few clicks from your iPhone or Android. A large client on board? It’s easy to set up special handling of his calls right from your iPad. Taking a vacation? With Cloud Touch, it’s a breeze setting up call forwarding rules.

Cloud Touch is available for all new customers, and will be rolled out gradually to all our existing customers over the next few months. Check out our interactive demo here. We welcome your feedback.