As a follow up to the article “Could the Cloud Kill the PBX?”, we wanted to offer our input as to where telephony is going and why old-school telephony’s days are numbered.

This is meant not as a self-serving competitive claim but a look at what is becoming a natural evolution of business processes in the internet age. Much like the old-world method of snail mail is getting decimated by email, it would only seem natural that the physical relays and switches of telephony systems get replaced by the deft coding of a programmer.

A small business can now run its entire back office online – not just Virtual PBX phone systems but billing, accounting, customer support, project management, meetings and, of course, mail. Nearly an entire office can be coordinated and run from one login. And in case you had not noticed, Google is doing a fine job of collecting huge amounts of data to power a very effective advertising business.

So if mail, invoices, customer addresses, meetings and more are moving online, it is only natural for phone conversations to shift there, too. Expanding bandwidth and falling memory prices have made cloud-based telecom services a viable option. And as the technologies of voice recognition evolve, the value of having verbal communications digitized will only increase.

So it would seem as though the old-school phone line is a little individuated for our needs. It served us well – but its time is coming to an end.

Photo credit Dominics pics