summervacation Summer is nearly here! While some of us relate the long, warm days of the season with family picnics, backyard barbecues and carefree vacations at the beach, many small business owners identify the months of June, July and August as that stressful time of year when sales come to a screeching halt.

Is the summer slowdown inevitable?  Or are there ways to keep business flowing 12 months a year? Inevitably, some clients and prospects are going to be on vacation and unavailable. But business still happens in the summer – and, in fact, the warm-weather months can provide substantial sales opportunities for businesses that use the time wisely by continuing to drive sales and by getting prepared for busier times to come.

Here are just a few ideas to overcome the summer slowdown:

Stay Positive
First, it’s important to establish the mindset that yes, you really can make money in the summer. Don’t let the idea of a slowdown become your self-fulfilling prophecy. By staying positive and focused, you’ll undoubtedly have more success than if you’re simply telling yourself that it’s just not worth the effort.

Reconnect with Cold Leads
The temperatures might be heating up, but you probably have at least a few cold leads that you could reconnect with. If current customers are unavailable, go through your contact list and follow up with those who have dropped off your radar. More often than not, they’ll appreciate the follow-up; you might just make a sale that you weren’t expecting.

Promote, Promote, Promote
Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new ways to promote your business. Use this time to try strategies such as pitching your business to local media or increasing visibility with a Facebook page. Or consider marketing your goods or services in a creative way, such as RingCentral’s Message on Hold feature. You can also advertise in a publication to reach out to a new target market. Many media outlets even offer summer discounts!

Increase Your Knowledge
It’s amazing how much easier it is to focus on learning something new when the phone isn’t ringing off of the hook. Have you been putting off taking an online training course or learning that new software package? Summer is the time to go for it! With a little quiet, you can learn something new that might substantially help your business.

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