Meet OurPeople. We love them. Know why?

Because like us, they know how important it is to keep their customers’ growing deskless workforces connected and in sync with each other. 

Think fitness studios, hospitality teams, construction workers, and pretty much everyone who doesn’t work at a desk. Hey, we can’t blame them. Desks are so 2001.

Of course, OurPeople’s own team is mobile as well—and with that comes a whole host of challenges when it comes to communications. We chatted with Adam, OurPeople’s Sales Manager about how he stays in touch with his team while on the go (and in areas without good reception on his phone).


No desks, no (communication) problem

There are some unique challenges when it comes to communicating with a team that’s deskless and made up of hourly employees—and this calls for a unique solution.

Let’s just say a cell phone isn’t going to cut it.

OurPeople needed something designed specifically for the business and flexible enough to work with teams all across the country. 

“I honestly love RingCentral just for the fact that it’s so simple to customize,” says Adam. “You can make a very professional phone tree, with not a whole lot of time spent or even a lot of knowledge of how a phone structure works.”


Basic phone tree

Here’s what a basic phone tree looks like—and here’s how easy it is to set one up in RingCentral.


“Like having another phone… just by downloading an app”

Like many sales teams out there, the OurPeople sales team is always on the go—and of course, they still have to work while they’re traveling. 

“The mobile app is great. I can instant message people, send faxes from my computer… It’s like having a whole other phone, with a different number that lets you do phone calls and video calls, just by downloading an app.”

No more missed calls (even if they’re busy)

But above all, having a communications tool that just works consistently is still the most important thing for Adam and his team.

“Reliability is one of the most important things I can stress about RingCentral. Whether I’m on my computer, using a hotel’s Wi-Fi, or have no data connection on my cell phone, I’m still able to get a call,” says Adam. 

“It actually forwards the calls to my personal phone number, so I’ve never missed a call by using RingCentral.”

We’re always stoked to talk with our customers, but this was especially cool as it’s a brand that is so focused on the same thing as RingCentral.

Any last words for our readers, Adam?

“I’d absolutely recommend RingCentral to any other business owner. It’s so simple to create a professional and clean phone system in just a matter of minutes!”

Thanks Adam!

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