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Online Instructor Relies on RingCentral to Connect With Remote Students

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Online instructor Dawn Cox teaches math for three different online universities: Kaplan University, which has a nationwide presence; Wilmington University, in Delaware; and Cochise College, in Arizona. Dawn, who lives in Oregon, has students from coast to coast – and some are even overseas. Many of the people enrolled in Dawn’s classes are military service members posted in the Middle East, so grading classwork and exams across thousands of miles is routine for her.

Dawn is committed to seeing her students succeed, and that means working with them one-on-one as often as possible. Dawn typically has about 40 students under her tutelage, and she takes the time to grade each person’s work individually.

Dawn Cox

In order to receive, process and send out her students’ assignments, Dawn depends on technology tools. Faxing, in particular, makes her work possible. But she has discovered that not all fax services are created equal. One online fax service that Dawn adopted proved too unreliable for her to depend on. Students had to fax their work multiple times before she would receive it, and she was charged for each failed fax transmission. That started adding up, Dawn says.

“My old online fax service had a base price of $12 a month, but my students would send fax after fax after fax. I was paying $30 a month because I kept going over my quota,” she reports.

Eventually, Dawn had had enough. She began looking for alternatives to the service for which she’d been overpaying – and her search took her to RingCentral Fax.

After using RingCentral Fax for nearly a year, Dawn has found that she’s enjoying big monthly savings and much more reliable service. Plus, Dawn has found RingCentral simpler to use than the service it replaced. Most importantly, RingCentral Fax enables Dawn’s students to reach her easily.

“About a third of my students send their work to me via fax, so I really like to have that option for them,” she says. “I love RingCentral Fax because it makes my students’ lives easier.”

Originally published Aug 08, 2012, updated Aug 07, 2020

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