RingCentral customer Anthony Rossi isn’t your typical businessperson. For one thing, he’s a pro athlete with a Canadian Professional Golfers’ Association card. For another, he managed hundreds of salespeople before reaching the age of 25. For yet another, he founded (and subsequently sold) his own B2B marketing agency. Success has followed Anthony for many years, and we were excited to sit down with him recently to capture his story.

Twenty-eight-year-old Anthony, who is currently a partner in a sales and business-development consultancy, is modest about what he has achieved. He believes he owes much of his success to hard work and dedication – and those values, he says, stem directly from his involvement in athletics.

Anthony has been an athlete for most of his life. He was a member of six varsity sports teams in high school and played basketball and golf in college; he even pursued semi-professional baseball for a time in his early twenties.

Today, the only sport Anthony is serious about is golf. But, he reports, growing up as an athlete had a major impact on how he defines success.

“Playing sports has contributed directly to what I’ve accomplished in business,” Anthony says. “I don’t accept mediocrity and I know how to win. Those two factors have been instrumental in my professional life.”

Anthony got his start in energy sales and moved quickly through the corporate ranks. By age 21, he was managing a team of 50 salespeople; by 24, he was the Canadian sales manager for energy-services giant Direct Energy.

While generating sales for energy firms was lucrative, Anthony longed for more independence. In 2008, he founded his own marketing agency: Force1 Marketing. That project occupied Anthony for two years, after which he sold Force1 and moved into the consulting world.

It was in 2011 that Anthony joined his current firm, Sales for Life. As one of the company’s three partners, he is directly responsible for its success – a level of ownership that he finds immensely satisfying.

“The ability to be an entrepreneur was what attracted me to Sales for Life,” he says. “I wanted to be somewhere where I could grow something special.”

Anthony and his partners’ commitment has paid off. Sales for Life’s strategies – including social selling, CRM integration and automated marketing campaigns – have been recognized by the media and are attracting the attention of some very high-profile clients.

Today, Sales for Life has 10 staffers scattered across Ontario. And Anthony himself – a salesperson to the core – is constantly on the move (when he’s not on the green). But, he reports, RingCentral is fully capable of keeping up with his hectic schedule. He’s found the RingCentral app for iOS to be particularly useful.

“The RingCentral iPhone app is huge,” Anthony says. “From my personal phone, I can call anyone in the world through VoIP.”

Considering how busy he is, Anthony needs phone service that just works. That’s why he’s so happy to have found RingCentral.

“I need a great product like RingCentral,” Anthony says, “to help mesh everything together.”