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Last week RingCentral was in Las Vegas attending Oktane16, Okta’s annual customer conference. It was a pretty powerhouse event, packed with cloud industry leaders eager to learn and share their knowledge on the broad potential for integrated apps in the very near future (meaning, now) of business.

With integrations as the theme, we immediately felt the sense of partnership setting the tone for the week. Everywhere we went, we saw how working together could create something so much bigger than the sum of its parts. We saw that collaboration among businesses sparked innovation by leveraging the strengths and customer-base for the benefit of everyone involved. Mind-blowing stuff.

RingCentral was asked to speak at various sessions as an early promoter of business integrations. Our open communications platform and partnering customers have been a primary focus for us from the beginning.

Opening day: We’re at the ISV Partner Summit

Monday was the first full day of the show, and at the ISV Partner Summit, we heard Neha Arora, our RingCentral Product Manager, speak as part of a panel discussion that also included Facebook, Palo Alto Networks, and Box. Interestingly, the conversation turned to ways to meet enterprise customer needs. With sophisticated customers expecting a lot from their mobile UI and their mobile experience, it’s no surprise that the challenge to take up is making their overall transaction experience better and easier… and to do it with speed.

Keynote speakers and we’re talking about customer success

Tuesday was a big day for us. It started with the morning keynote from Okta CEO, Todd McKinnon, inspiring us all with “…cloud is a gigantic catalyst for innovation“.

Running with that concept, in the afternoon, our Walt Weisner, SVP of RingCentral Global Customer Care, led the panel on the topic of customer success, “The Best Kept Secret Shouldn’t Be a Secret: Customer Success as a Culture”. Other panelists included Box, ServiceNow, Optiv, and Accenture.

Walt gave us a few good nuggets for engaging customers. “The real challenge is making sure the customers know the purchase was valuable.” For today’s cloud consumers, with its ease of adoption and low overhead, it’s more important than ever to remind customers of the value of your service, and you can only do that through genuine actions and attention. Empty words aren’t enough. Walt’s innovative approach on the customer experience was evident in this bit: “You are the customer’s trusted advisor which is why the type of people you hire is so important.” Clear testimonial that real customer success starts at the heart of your company and emanates throughout.

 Closing day: We talk about the RingCentral for Okta integration

On Wednesday, we closed the event with a theater speaking session led by Jose Pastor, our VP of Product Management. As the strategist behind RingCentral’s products, Jose discussed the business impact of establishing a seamless integration with Okta. For customers, the integration helps you “increase security and improve access while reducing IT management overhead“. The integration enables you to streamline RingCentral deployment and use by leveraging Okta’s Active Directory groups when you register users. Then it enables users to log in to RingCentral through SSO, reducing password fatigue. All this convenience becomes a pivotal part of the positive customer experience. If cloud systems want to have staying power with businesses, then “we want to be easy, scalable, and long-term,” according to Jose.

And that’s how RingCentral spent our time at Oktane16! Tell us about your own experiences at the event or let us know how you’re using integrations in your business.

Originally published Sep 05, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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