Paper is a problem for any business, small and large. Heavy reliance on hard copy records — from receipts to notes to documents — causes clutter. Then there’s the wasted time spent searching for lost or misfiled paperwork. OfficeDrop aims to solve the mess and disorganization of paper by enabling you to scan documents into digital files and organize those files in a cloud filing cabinet. The free app is available on Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android devices.

With OfficeDrop, you can photograph documents with your mobile device’s camera or desktop scanner and then upload the images for storage in the cloud. Once uploaded, documents are text-searchable and can be sorted using OfficeDrop’s folders and labels. For example, if you upload a meal receipt, you can tag it by month, client, restaurant name, or any other data. If you happen to forget a tag, the text-searchable software allows you to search your documents by price, the name of the restaurant, or even the dish you ordered.

OfficeDrop App for iPhone

OfficeDrop app for iPhone












Additionally, OfficeDrop allows for easy sharing between coworkers, clients, etc. — you can even grant private access to documents or share public links. So, if a team member writes a work order in the field, he can immediately share it with corporate headquarters to provide a quick quote for the customer, taking Dropbox’s BYOD accessibility to the next level. Files are stored in a visual “inbox” of thumbnails, making them easy to identify.

The app provides cloud storage for the scanned and captured documents — a 2GB storage plan is free, and can be upgraded from there (a five-person team can sign up for 150GB per month).This makes it relatively similar to Dropbox’s storage plan (and payment structure), but the added benefit of document capturing is a huge benefit for businesses looking to get their materials off paper and into the cloud.

Get more information on the app and pricing plans here. For a great overview of OfficeDrop, watch the video below.