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Notable News for Your Business from June

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business newsRunning your business takes time, lots of time. In an effort to help you stay up-to-date on important business news we’ll be publishing Last Week’s Notable Business News weekly. However, our first post will concentrate on the biggest announcements from June. We’ll share some of the most important business related updates, announcements and news so you’re always in the know. Here’s what happened this past month in business news:

1) Facebook Testing New “See First” Feature

A couple weeks ago Facebook began testing a new featured, “See First”. This could be a huge marketing opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Currently, Facebook maintains control over which posts appear in a person’s Newsfeed. If a user wants to keep tabs on a particular Facebook friend they can choose to receive alerts when that person(s) posts. But now, with “See First”, users can select which Facebook friends and/or Page posts appear at the top of their Newsfeed. All one has to do is click the “Following” button on a friend or Page, then select to either unfollow or “See First”. It’s that easy! And, this new feature will be available on both desktop and mobile.

facebook see first If your business has a Facebook Page start thinking about creative ways to encourage your community to choose to “See First” when on your Page. This way you’ll know your Facebook posts aren’t getting drowned out by all the Facebook chatter!

2) Bing Changes Algorithm to Favor Mobile Optimized Sites

A few months back Google announced major changes to their mobile search algorithm. Then, in May, Bing announced they too would be adjusting their search algorithm to favor mobile sites. And, chatter suggests these changes began rolling out just last week. Now, Bing will favor mobile optimized sites for search results. Bing will be looking for sites that have responsive mobile design, tap to click, and image resolution. This announcement is just one more reason why companies should ensure their website(s) are mobile optimized.

3) Pinterest Adds New Search Features

In the last two weeks Pinterest began “rolling out a couple changes to search that will make it easier for people to find you on Pinterest.” For companies with a presence on this platform this is great news. Now, users will see checkmarks for notable names and brands. The purpose, according to Pinterest “so people can easily find exactly who they’re looking for.”

pinterest search Other enhancements include:

4) Twitter Starts Auto Playing Videos, GIFs, and Vines

twitter gif On June 17 Twitter introduced “…a more streamlined consumption experience for all native videos, GIFs and Vines…” Now, native video, GIFs and Vines will automatically play. What does this mean for your business? Yet another opportunity to generate engagement with your online community. If you don’t regularly post video, GIFs or Vines now might be the time to start.


5) RingCentral Acquires Glip, a Team Messaging and Collaboration Company

Earlier this month RingCentral made a very exciting announcement, the acquisition of cloud messaging platform, Glip “We’re excited to welcome the Glip team to RingCentral. Glip extends our platform by adding powerful team messaging and collaboration services. Together we’ll deliver the industry’s first integrated cloud business communications and team collaboration solution, which will empower teams to work across all locations, devices, and modes of communication.” Vlad Shmunis, founder and CEO of RingCentral. The new RingCentral Teams will make team collaboration better, faster, and more productive.

RC+GLIP_blog_r6 How can your company benefit from these business announcements? Tell us in the comments below.

Originally published Jun 30, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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