Next-Generation Video Conferencing: Seamless Conferences on Any Device

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A dramatic shift in the way we work is rendering one’s physical presence at meetings very tricky to manage. More than ever, businesses are operating across multiple locations with an agile workforce, while simultaneously seeking to drive down the cost and environmental impact of travel.

Yet meeting virtually raises the possibility that some vital aspect of human interaction is left wanting.

After all, no matter how good the technology, audio conference calls cannot provide the same level of personal engagement as a face-to-face meeting. And without visual interaction, managing group conversations on a telephone can be cumbersome.

Traditional video conferencing partly alleviates these concerns, but it introduces its own complications: installing hardware, complicated set-up, booking designated rooms in advance. It’s little wonder many people find arranging and conducting video conferences a hassle.

It’s about time meetings caught up with the way people really work.

That is, video conferences should accommodate smartphones and tablets. Conferences should be easy to hold anytime and anywhere, without the need for participants to cram around a table or remain at their desks. And they should enable easy mobile screen- and file-sharing, even for files that are stored in a cloud service like Box or Dropbox.

RingCentral has heard the concerns of video conference users loud and clear. With the brand-new RingCentral Meetings app, the hassles of conventional video conferencing are no more.

Whether on mobile device, laptop or desktop, Meetings users can start a video conference in seconds. All that’s needed is a data connection.

With Meetings’ HD video quality, super-quick file sharing and active speaker spotlighting, video conferences can simulate genuine roundtable interaction. That means collaboration, decision making and relationship building must no longer be a function of one’s location. Meetings enables better business communication that can enhance real-world productivity – and build a more engaged workforce, to boot.

We communicate with more than just words. Our facial expressions, body language, subtle gestures – they’re all part of the rapport we create when meeting face-to-face. We at RingCentral get the importance of real interaction. And Meetings makes it possible.

Learn more about Meetings right here.

Originally published Mar 07, 2014, updated Sep 22, 2020

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