Just getting to know the RingCentral platform? Welcome! Compared to legacy business phone systems, RingCentral Office is quick and easy to configure. Now, we’re making it even simpler to get “onboarded”.

Our crack documentation team recently completed onboarding guides for different size businesses. The guides – available below in PDF format – explain in straightforward terms how to sign up for and set up a RingCentral account.

blog_image_(2) How many users do you anticipate having in your RingCentral system?

Between 2 and 9

Between 10 and 99

More than 100

Because the guides describe what you’ll need to do to configure your office network – a requisite to high-quality VoIP communication – they are worth checking out even if you’re just considering a VoIP system.

For a quick introduction to the RingCentral onboarding process, watch the below video:

And don’t forget that all RingCentral Office plans with 2 or more users include phone-based implementation assistance at no additional charge. Additional free support resources are available at the RingCentral Support Center.