ringtone RingCentral is always looking for ways to stay innovative and updated. Some of you may have noticed that the ringtone on your phone is now different when you make a call. (To hear this new tone, please click here).

We’ve recently incorporated a change where a tone is played when a call is in the process of being connected. For some customers, the new tone has caused displeasure.  In response, we’ve added a few seconds of silence before the tone is played so it will not be heard on calls that are connected instantly.  We have also softened the sound of the file based on feedback—it should not be as loud as before. We are also exploring new tone options for handling cases where it takes longer than expected to connect your calls.

Some like the new ringtone and some don’t. We would like to explain the logic behind the change.

“The rationale for the change was to distinguish between when a call is in the process of being connected vs. when it’s connected and actually ringing on the far end. We opted to play this sound (instead of silence) for calls that take longer to connect,” says Sonia Singh, Senior Product Manager at RingCentral. “The sound isn’t heard when a connection is made right away, but it looks like it is being heard on many calls.”

As always, we are committed to our customers and strive to incorporate customer feedback. We want to hear from you! Do you find the new ringtone enjoyable or irritating? Don’t hold back! All feedback ultimately helps us make a better product. We are already implementing changes based on customer reactions we have heard.

“Based on the feedback we’ve received, we are considering two changes 1) a longer delay before playing it, and 2) a lower volume for the sound,” Singh says. “We’re also evaluating alternate options for handling the connection lag.”

We are asking you, what do you think? How should the new ringtone be changed? Or should it stay the same? Feel free to give your comments below this post, in our community, or via our social media sites such as Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you!