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RingCentral’s mobile apps for Apple and Android devices already include one-tap conferencing, inbound and outbound fax support and Business SMS. Now, they’ve been enhanced with even more great features.

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Chief among these are the ability to send faxes (or Business SMS messages) to multiple recipients. Simply tap the To field when creating a new fax or SMS and start typing a contact name or number. As soon as you enter one name or number, you can keep typing to enter another.

20131126_020902000_iOS Faxing is further enhanced with multiple attachment support. You can send faxes with more than one file attached, a feature previously limited to FaxOut, CloudFax and softphone users.

RingCentral’s iOS and Android apps now allow group filtering, as well. What does this mean? If your organization has multiple contact groups, you can select and deselect group types to make your contact list easier to navigate. See below for an example. I’d uncheck “User Extensions and Others” to show only Department Extensions – a handy feature, as we have more than 200 extensions on our phone system.

20131126_013945000_iOS That’s not all: there are now call log, contact and favorite shortcuts in the upper right corner of the dialpad, making outbound calls from the app easier than ever.

20131126_015230000_iOSa And don’t forget about the VoIP call quality indicator, which displays red, yellow or green circles during a VoIP call to estimate the quality of your data connection.

(The call quality indicator isn’t new, but it can significantly enhance the experience of using the app to make a VoIP call.)

Hope you enjoy the updates! Anything else you’d like to see? Visit our Customer Community and search existing feature ideas, or create a new one of your own.

Originally published Nov 27, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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