missed call

In a perfect world, customers would always ring back if they didn’t get through the first time. They would call only at times that suited you. And they would wait patiently for you to respond before seeking out your competitors.

The harsh reality is, unanswered calls may very well be costing you business.

Many small firms would testify that constantly manning the phones is not always easy (or indeed possible). Meetings, jobs on location, events, breaks, family matters – there are all manner of occasions where the phone will ring off when it’s not convenient.

Then there’s a question of the right person answering the call. Customers want to get their enquiries dealt with by the right person, rather than reaching a voicemail box, the wrong department, or perhaps even a young family member!

Traditional phone set-ups do not offer the flexibility to ensure the right person is always on the receiving end. Yet the advent of cloud telephony changes everything. It provides a whole new level of control and management, allowing calls to be manipulated so they reach the right destination.

Cloud-based phone systems like RingCentral Office allow calls to reach you absolutely anywhere. With Office, you can:

  • Make your calls follow you wherever you go. Being out of the office no longer means business has to be put on hold.
  • Re-route calls to the next best person if you’re not available.
  • Provide callers with an auto-attendant menu so they may reach the most appropriate people or departments straightaway.
  • Receive calls directly on your computer. You can be available wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Avoid important calls going to voicemail by placing callers on hold and playing recorded messages.
  • React to voicemails not only through your phone but also via email, online and through the RingCentral mobile app.

If you’re stepping out of the office for a meeting, you can simply redirect calls to your mobile or laptop. If you’re busy working on a job, ensure calls are re-routed to a suitable colleague. Even if a customer does leave a message, you can deliver a speedy response with voicemail always at your fingertips.

With hosted call management, even the smallest business can deliver world-class customer service. It may not be a perfect world, but RingCentral can make your business communications work a whole lot better.