couplewithsmartphoneWould you rather spend time with your smartphone than your special someone? If so, you’re not alone! In survey results announced today in a press release from RingCentral, 84% of women admitted to finding their smartphones to be sexier than their spouses. Is this smartphone obsession the result of our desire to have 24/7 access to celebrity gossip and gaming apps? Or is there more to the story?

Here are just a few of what our survey respondents had to say:

“Since getting my smartphone, I’ve noticed that I spend more and more time playing Words with Friends and other games and less time talking to my husband about his day,” said Jane Smith, wife of John Smith and sometimes-devoted mother of two. “I play against my husband a lot – that counts as quality time, doesn’t it?”

“My smartphone doesn’t expect dinner served to it every night, and it actually looks cool encased in black leather.” – Barbie Dahl, married 18 years.

The men who participated in the survey had a few comments of their own:

“Unlike my girlfriend, my iPhone doesn’t ask me every day if its case makes it look fat.” – Barry Schmelly, Miami, FL

“My smartphone has no desire to discuss problems with the in-laws or the challenges with the P.T.A. Instead, it’s just an easy-going companion that is always up for a good game of Angry Birds.” – Dwayne Pipe, Seattle, WA

There were some heartwarming findings in the survey, too.

82% of respondents noted that their increased smartphone usage has actually led to a decrease in arguments because there’s less time and opportunity to fight.

RingCentral’s CMO, Victoria Treyger, weighed in on the survey results. “Our survey data supports the perception that American culture is growing more obsessed with gadgets and their digital lives,” she said. “While excessive smartphone use may negatively impact interpersonal relationships, it’s a small price to pay for the growth of our economy.”

Ha! Did we fool you?

From everyone at RingCentral, we wish you a Happy April’s Fools’ Day!

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