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My Flight Plan for How Enterprises Can Safely Navigate Their Transitions to a Cloud Phone System


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Jun 02, 2016

transition to a cloud phone system I’m not exactly what you’d call a risk taker. However, I once stepped out of my comfort zone and took flying lessons.

I was nervous at the start. But my anxiety was quickly allayed by my flight instructor, whose experience and steady-handed guidance kept me safely aloft through the takeoffs, landings, and occasional turbulence. And when it came time for me to fly solo for the first time, memories of my instructor’s words helped me overcome my anxiety.

I look back on the flight lessons and solo flight as some of my most memorable experiences. By overcoming my trepidation and taking flight, I not only earned my pilot’s license, but I gained an experience of a lifetime and attained a sense of satisfaction that I never would have felt otherwise.

Cloud concerns

IT leaders I’ve spoken to who are considering a transition from a PBX to a cloud phone system face similar fears. They fret over the perceived risks of making a major change to a fundamental business function.

I tell them that moving to the cloud not only can be a low-risk endeavor, but it can fundamentally transform their business. However, before they depart on this journey, I tell them they need a good instructor.

And when it comes to transitioning to a cloud phone system, a proper partner should help your enterprise through all the stages, from assessment to implementation to training to service and support.

Pre-cloud check

Before my solo flight, I had little inkling of what I would get out of the experience. It’s the same for many companies that aren’t aware of the all the pitfalls and benefits of a cloud system.

But just like my instructor helped me get ready to go solo, your cloud communications partner should start by helping your enterprise understand VoIP technology, assessing your network and making the required configuration changes. Your partner should learn about your company’s requirements early in the process to help avoid potential problems.

Just as importantly, a helpful guide will educate you about the various ways that cloud technology can enhance your business. Your partner should also assign an implementation advisor who will introduce you to the technology and walk you through the steps of a successful deployment.

Down to the last detail

Before I set off on my flight, my instructor worked with me to make sure my plane met all requirements for flight, from checking the flight controls to making sure the flaps were working properly. Similarly, your provider should work with your company to ensure your cloud business phone system is ready for action.

Working with your team, your partner must craft a design and implementation test plan that evaluates features and functionality and tests new capabilities. Moving to the installation phase, you need an implementation advisor to guide you through a network-readiness assessment.

Joining the crew

During our lessons, my instructor made sure I was involved in every aspect of the flying experience, guaranteeing I had the knowledge and experience required to take the stick on my own. In the same way, a skilled partner can ensure every employee in a company gets on board when the cloud communications system is launched, by implementing a company-wide rollout methodology. Furthermore, a training program can promote user buy-in by training workers on how to manage their account settings.

Top gun

After I earned my pilot’s license, I recommended my instructor to many friends; he’s simply the best, I tell them. When picking your partner for your move to the cloud, you should go with the best as well. And as far as cloud phone systems go, RingCentral stands out as the superior choice.

Market research firm Gartner has recognized RingCentral as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Worldwide, for RingCentral’s ability to execute and completeness of vision.

To learn more about how RingCentral can help your company make the change to cloud communications, read the white paper, “How to Ensure a Smooth Transition to a Cloud Phone System.”

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