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Multi-level IVR: New in RingCentral Office

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One of the most exciting features in RingCentral Office 6.3 – the latest and greatest release of Office – is Multi-Level IVR, or multi-level auto-attendant, which allows users to create powerful, sophisticated call-flow configurations with more menu options. This feature has been one of our most requested, and with it, Office becomes more useful than ever for larger businesses.

How does the Multi-Level IVR feature work?

First, it’s currently available only on Office Premium and Enterprise editions – so the following won’t apply if you’re on a Standard or legacy plan.

Second, most of the Multi-Level IVR configuration takes place within the Settings >> Phone System >> Groups section of the RingCentral online account portal. Navigate there to start configuring an IVR menu.

Once you’re in Groups, you’ll see a new “IVR Menus” section. To add a new IVR menu, scroll to the bottom of the Groups overview and click Add Menu. Follow the prompts to select an extension number and name for your new IVR menu, then click Save.

Configuring an IVR menu is not unlike configuring any other group. However, there’s one key difference – IVR menus are much more flexible. From an IVR menu, you can send callers to individual user extensions, existing groups or another (lower- or higher-level) IVR menu.

To reflect this complexity, we designed the IVR menu prompt to be fully customizable. You don’t upload prompts from within the Groups section of your system settings, though – you have to go to Tools >> IVR to add new prompts.

So, in configuring your new IVR menu, visit Tools >> IVR to see your prompt options. Depending on your preferences, you can create prompts via XML or a simple voice recording. Once you’ve uploaded a new prompt, go back to Settings >> Phone System >> Groups >> IVR Menus >> your new menu >> Prompt to apply the prompt to your menu.

Of course, you’ll want the message in your prompt to reflect the key-press options in the IVR menu. To configure these options, click Call Handling within the menu options. You can assign single-digit key presses to users, groups or other IVR menus.

mlivr3 If you want your entire phone system to be multi-level (i.e., if you want your Auto-Receptionist menu to be an IVR menu), navigate to the Auto-Receptionist section of Settings and select “switch to multi-level”. Note, that this will erase your existing Auto-Receptionist settings.

mlivr How deep can you go with IVR? We didn’t design it to have a limit, which means you can realistically add as many IVR levels as you want. Think of it as … Ringception.

leo There are obviously a lot of configuration options here – this blog post just serves as an overview. Visit the following links at the RingCentral Support Center for more assistance with the new IVR feature:

Configuring Multi-Level IVR

Setting Up a Prompt

Uploading a Prompt

Assigning Key Press Settings to an IVR Menu

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Originally published Jun 26, 2014, updated Aug 07, 2020

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