So lately you’ve been getting a sinking feeling every time you walk by your PBX closet. Could it be your gut telling you that a PBX phone system just isn’t working for your business anymore?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Seventy percent of businesses are dissatisfied with their on-premise phone systems, saying that on-prem phones are inadequate for keeping up with the way we work today. (See this infographic for more details on PBX ennui.)

The new world of work is mobile, distributed and instantly responsive. Businesses need a phone system that can embrace these challenges by delivering the right mix of features, convenience and value. (With no clunky hardware to hide in a closet.)

Videomeetings Still not sure if you’re ready to update your phone system? Just for kicks, let’s look at your phone system from a different angle. Today, we’ll let these classic family photos stand in for the many ways the old PBX has become awkward in today’s business world.

Any of these sound like your PBX experience?

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Awkward-bombDIY turns out to have some unexpected results.

Awkward-hm-boySkeleton It was cool … back in the day.

Awkward-bigDad Fit and functionality have become an issue.

Awkward-snowsuit It doesn’t really match who you are today.

Awkward-kiltTrophy Despite all the planning and complexity, it’s simply … awkward.

Awkward-snowpigs Silliness aside, your ability to communicate and stay connected and responsive wherever you are means a lot to your customers. Now might be the right time to look into a cloud phone system that really reflects the way you work.

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This is a guest post from RingCentral technical copywriter Charlene Chang.

Many thanks to the fabulous folks at for sharing gems from their photo albums.