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A motivated workforce is more productive, happier and better for a company’s bottom line. But it can be difficult to effectively motivate an entire office. This is especially true when the workload is large and the holidays are looming. Today’s Friday Five provides five simple ways to motivate any employee to become more productive and happier!

1) Create and Maintain a Positive Work Environment

Build a work environment that will give life to productivity. We all know people have different learning styles. Some people are visual learners, while others must do things in order to retain information. This concept can also be applied to how different people take on and accomplish assignments, tasks and projects. Take the time to understand your team and create a work environment that will boost each employee’s productivity. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Allow people to take ownership of their desks and create a space that will help them get through the day with gusto.
  • Find out what time of day each employee is most likely to do their best work. With this information help them create a more effective daily agenda.
  • Does your employee work better listening to music or in complete silence? This information will allow you to provide the most effective work environment.

2) Paint the Bigger Picture

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to see how their work fits in to an organization’d broader goals. Because of this, it’s crucial to communicate to every employee how their contribution affects the bigger picture. Some employees may feel their contribution isn’t all that important, but if you help them see the bigger picture they’ll understand how the role they play is critical.

3) Positive Reinforcement

One of the easiest ways to motivate any employee is through recognition. Applauding people’s accomplishments shows that you’re paying attention and that you care. Recognition can take place on both a group and an individual basis. Taking someone aside to let them know how well they are doing, how important their role is and how impressed you are can provide that little extra boost to get things done.

4) Be Sure There’s Office Fun and Camaraderie

Time flies when you’re having fun! The office is a place for work, but more work can be accomplished if people are having fun while they do it. Being frustrated and dreading going into the office actually takes a lot of energy. This energy could be refocused to create a more productive and happy workforce. Try adding some fun into the day-to-day and see how much more you get out of your employees.

5) Be Someone People Want to Work For

You can create the perfect work environment – but if you aren’t a good leader, it will be difficult to motivate your employees. Leadership is key when it comes to motivating employees: Providing guidance, keeping an open mind and listening all have an impace. If you position yourself as simply the person in charge, by contrast, you’ll get less out of your staff.

How do you motivate your office?