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Can I Miss Work to Vote? 3 Ways RingCentral Mobile Apps Keep You Connected Wherever You Are

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This young supporter of democracy encourages you to vote for what you believe.

The big day is here. After months of ads, signs on lawns, and articles shared through social media, the critical 2016 election is coming to a close. Though voting is an important civic duty, and all citizens are encouraged to cast their choice, taking time off to do so is not always and easy option.

With some states showing average waiting times in the 30–40 minute range with the accompanying traffic congestion in urban areas, voting in the morning or after work can suck the productivity out of a morning or afternoon.

Not all 50 states allow employees to take time to vote on the company nickel. Current only 23 states have created laws for worker protection when it comes to voting. Another 19 have no laws on the books at all, creating a tricky business-by-business approval process for taking time off.

But for many of us, it’s more than just the legality or permission. The challenge is in keeping work going while taking time away—whether a few hours to vote or several days at a site visit, conference, or event. Staying connected, not being the bottleneck, and driving projects forward is critical in the fast-paced business practices of today.

To combat this challenge, you should take your business with you. Here are three ways RingCentral allows you get what you need done while keeping the business moving forward.

1) Take your office phone with you wherever you go

For sales teams and customer support, having immediate presence with a prospect or customer is critical for success on both ends. It’s a known fact that we don’t like to wait. The first person to answer an important question wins in many cases, which is why an individual’s personal phone number gets used so often. But juxtapose this with concerns businesses have in regards to BYOD trends… what happens if a sales exec leaves a company and their business number is also their personal phone number?

This is once instance in which the RingCentral mobile app comes in to play. Having access to calls just like you are in the office by your headset, not missing a beat, keeps business moving forward. Add in business SMS and you now have a full-featured system directly on the device you already use every day.

2) Meet on the road or from the polling queue

Meetings are a necessary part of everyday work life. Staying synced with the team when you are out and about is important for collaborating and getting things done. Web meeting solutions have been common for years, but moving to a single, integrated system with your other cloud communications features simplifies administration for you and for IT.

Further yet, using the RingCentral Meetings app, this functionality is available to you from anywhere. Share your screen or view another’s. Connect with your remote team or communicate critical updates with a customer. It’s all right there in the palm of your hand, so you can participate in a quick meeting while waiting in line at your local polling place.

3) Stay connected the way you need to connect

The way we communicate today is more varied than ever before. Workers are still using traditional channels, such as email and calls on office lines, but have moved on in the same way we have in our personal lives. A new world of collaboration tools has emerged to facilitate the way we work today, with messaging, file sharing, tasks, and more. RingCentral Glip leads the charge on all this with tools you can use with your team and beyond.

With the mobile app, much like Facebook or a text-messaging app on your phone, your ability to connect quickly with your team is with you always. Connect with just one person or with a group. Share one file with a group and forget those complicated email searches.

Most importantly, this flexibility in the way you connect is not limited by your proximity to your office or home. You no longer need even a Wi-Fi café to connect, nor do you need to carry around two phones. Your full office suite travels in the palm of your hand, freeing you to get out of the office when you need to—so get out there and vote.

Originally published Nov 08, 2016, updated Aug 07, 2020

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