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Maturation Marathon: 2016 Cloud Office Games

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Aug 15, 2016

7. Maturation marathonIf you’ve just tuned in, you’re joining us for the Maturation Marathon in the 2016 Cloud Office Games. There’s a lot of competition in the field trying to prove itself today. The question is who’s got the staying power to optimise their communications ability in the long run.

The Challenge

The average lifespan of on-premise telecoms equipment is 8.5 years, which is a very long time considering the changing pace of business in the world around us. Competitors with ageing equipment are quickly going to find it increasingly difficult to keep up.

Winning Tactics

There seem to be many competitors struggling out there today. Let’s take a look why:

1) Change of pace: We have already seen one competitor keel over on the track, as their system simply can’t cope with the demands of their level of growth. They started out nice and gentle, but as the business demands grew, they realised they simply didn’t have a system that was capable to grow with them.

A modern day competitor needs to have a system that is dynamic enough to adapt and stay in pole position no matter what process of company growth and maturation.

2) Refreshment: With such a long event, it can be gruelling to keep up to date with new and upgraded technological developments. Observing the field today, it’s clear some competitors have decided to forgo the costs of upgrades and as a result are suffering through the age of their system. Without modern features, they have to rely on antiquated working practices, which leads to far worse chances of getting over the finishing line with customers.

3) Mobility: Anyone seriously competing in this event would be a fool if they hadn’t ensured their full mobility. And yet we see some participants are clearly very uncomfortable out there. Without the safety net of their office, their ability to function smoothly is crippled. If customers can’t reach them when out of their usual working environment, their business comes to a standstill.

The Outcome

There’s still a long way to go but it looks like there’s a clear favourite out on the track today. This fresh-faced competitor is racing towards the future, full of beans. Because they are using a cloud-based system, they are far more mobile and not tied down with technical problems the others are experiencing. Their stamina to constantly improve without the need to ever stop and catch their breath make
it a thorough champion for now and the future.

Are you ready to compete in the 2016 Cloud Office Games? RingCentral is helping you get one up on the competition with a free 30-day trial of our cloud phone solution. Anyone that signs up for a free trial in the UK in the month of August will receive a very limited edition Cloud Office Games mug!

Note: Cloud Office Game mugs are only applicable to RingCentral UK accounts.


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