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What Makes VPS Hosting the Suitable Choice for Your Business?

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Dec 21, 2015

vpsThe virtual private server is a little confusing in terms of functionality for some people. It can be simply explained as a hybrid server that shares some functions with shared server and some functions with the dedicated server. A VPS server is created for users who want more customized web business management solutions as well as maintaining the highest quality for their customers. VPS is also an ideal solution for top business competitors and those who want to jet-start their new businesses.

As VPS is a hybrid server, some may believe that it is an amalgam of the best features of shared server and dedicated server. Here are some features of VPS which make it better than shared and dedicated servers.

Better Online and Offline Performance

A crucial parameter for the success of your web business ROI is the performance of your website. The visitors expect quicker response times and faster loading speed of your website. Those 7 Crucial Things That Could Slow Down Your Website Performance Source: websites that take a lot of time to load the content restrict the visitors to perform for their needs. Apart from limiting your online presence, it also interferes with online sessions like live chat, live customer support and webinars. A feature that is essentially provided by ordinary and best VPS hosting services is to improve your online performance and presence and help you grow your business and its return on investment.

Root Access

If your business operates at shared server, you will often face the problems of restricted access to resources and root access to download, install or integrate the software. In contrast, a VPS provides complete control and authority to the businesses and allow them to access the resources and data. It also allows uninterrupted software download, installation and integration without limiting your speed or interfering with control panel application.


Many people believe that a shared server is more cost-effective when compared to VPS and dedicated servers, as ‘unlimited’ customer services are provided at lower costs. However, the reality is that the unlimited customer service of a shared server is often unavailable, especially when the server is down. In contrast, you can get cost-effective, but high quality services at VPS by choosing the most suitable option for your business’ needs. Most often the rates of VPS service providers are as follows, but they may be different for different web hosts.

(Approximate) VPS Hosting Plans

Memory Core Transfer SSD Disk Cost (Approximate)
512 MB 1 1TB 20 GB $5
1 GB 1 2 TB 30 GB $10
2 GB 2 3 TB 40 GB $20

Cut the costs by customizing your package and limiting the services according to your requirements.

Control and Freedom

In shared servers, more freedom and control is handed over to the customers and less freedom and control is provided to the web business management. But majority of businesses prefer more control and authority which makes VPS hosting a better solution. Simply switch the ‘Reboot’ button on and then off to reset the settings of your web business.

Features that Make Up an Ideal VPS Service

Different businesses have different requirements from their websites.VPS is highly customizable which makes them the perfect choice for different businesses. Here are some features to look for in a VPS service provider to make sure that you chose the right deal in town.

1) Operating System

VPS hosting provides separate services for Linux Virtual Server and Windows Virtual Server. You can choose the one which best matches your business operations.

2) Server Security

We define server security in two ways. First, it is related to data management, storage and retrieval. Secondly, it is about visitor management. Hosting that can manage large number of visitors at once is more reliable for both growing and saturated businesses.

3) Technical Specificity

Control panel, CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth, backup features and uptime guarantee are the features that define the technical support of a VPS hosting service provider. For heavy traffic, you should look for stronger features.

4) Plan, Price and Affordability

VPS services are typically a little more expensive than shared hosting, but cheaper than dedicated server hosting. But prices also vary among VPS service competitors. Search the market and choose a plan that is fully compatible with your technical needs but available at affordable costs. Make sure to never compromise on quality services. Paying a little more per month may not affect income input, but it can greatly improve ROI.

Every individual and business has different hosting requirements. All VPS and shared hosting packages are offered for individuals, businesses and pros with different names like premium, basic and advance. It is important to understand and evaluate the difference between the two and choose a service that best suits your requirements.

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