Adam Fishman is responsible for recruiting new drivers to Lyft, a fast-growing ride-sharing service. Adam, Lyft’s director of marketing, is responsible for both growth initiatives and operations – which means he’s always on the lookout for tools that can help San Francisco-based Lyft gain ground in the urban transportation market.

One of the tools on which Adam’s team has grown reliant is RingCentral Office (RingCentral’s complete business phone system hosted in the cloud). Before using Office, Lyft’s employees were using cell phones to communicate with current and prospective drivers. But that was far from ideal, Adam told us.

A Lyft car's signature pink mustache

A Lyft car’s signature pink mustache

“With cell phones, the quality is not great, it’s hard to understand people and there are constant reception issues,” Adam said.

Adam’s boss was familiar with RingCentral, so it was the top-of-mind choice when Lyft began considering other business phone options. The company ended up selecting RingCentral Office, largely because it’s so easy to manage.

“We can add new phones on a whim, as we need them,” Adam enthuses. “It’s really easy to add new lines or extensions into our existing office setup.”

Plus, RingCentral will grow as Lyft does. The company only has a presence in California at the moment, but it will be using RingCentral to tie together its operations as it broadens its reach.

“The ability to have local numbers under a centralized system is going to be awesome as we expand across the country,” Adam noted.

teams_lyft That expansion stands to benefit both Lyft and the people in its driver ranks, many of whom work outside a typical 9-to-5 schedule. “Musicians, artists, yoga instructors and stay-at-home moms,” among others, are Lyft drivers, Adam explains. (Drivers receive 80 percent of the revenue from each ride they provide.)

Has RingCentral made Lyft more productive? Adam gives a resounding yes.

“Office has definitely gotten us to be more responsive to people who are calling in,” he said. “And we can call more people in an hour than we could before.”

That means RingCentral Office is a win-win for everyone involved with Lyft.

“It’s been great,” Adam concludes.

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