We are always focused on how we can meet our customer’s needs when it comes to our unified communications and collaboration solutions. Integrations on our open developer platform offer our customers a way to eradicate the silos separating their business applications and better automate and integrate their workflows and business processes.

When Salesforce introduced the Lightning user interface to its suite of cloud software, it promised easier customization of workspaces for everyone and a simpler approach to software development for add-on modules. Many of our customers who had added customizations to “Salesforce Classic” migrated to “Salesforce Lightning.” This created a need for customers to deploy technology to integrate with Salesforce’s latest UI and maintain core integration functionality.

RingCentral is excited to announce that we are Lightning ready. We want you and your employees to focus on what matters most by enabling you to work the way you want, whether it’s in Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning within your Sales or Service Cloud application.

RingCentral’s click-to-dial feature enables users “one-click access” to initiate a call within the Salesfore app—to a lead, contact, or account.

RingCentral for Salesforce allows users to log call details and view recording history, which can be stored as an activity.

And most importantly, RingCentral for Salesforce shows who is calling you by automatically matching phone numbers to customer records for a 360° view of the incoming caller’s history.

Combined with powerful real-time analytics and reporting, RingCentral for Salesforce can add 20% or more calling time for a sales rep to pursue new leads and upsell to existing customers.

For many businesses, a key factor of success is knowing the needs of their customers, and Salesforce plays a very important role across every industry, from SMB to enterprise and sales to customer service.

For our thousands of joint customers, we are eliminating the cumbersome task of switching between multiple applications, streamlining daily workflow for employees so they can focus on their most critical tasks.

For more information or to download the RingCentral for Salesforce application, click here.