hackathon Welcome LAUNCH Hackathon participants! We look forward to having you build your applications on our brand new RingCentral Connect Platform. We have an exciting set of communication and data service APIs that can be used to build cool applications. Feel free to mashup with other API platforms.

Watch this video for a quick introduction to RingCentral.

API Capabilities

Modern RESTful APIs with JSON responses. Includes the following capabilities:

  • Communication – SMS/Fax/Voice
  • Presence (calls) & new message events
  • Accounts and extension information (i.e.: voicemail)
  • Call logs
  • Address Book

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  1. Which numbers can I use for sending SMS or making calls ?
  • Use your Sandbox account number for the communication APIs.
  1. How do I make outbound local calls with my phone number ?
  • The Softphone can be used to initiate outbound calls and pick up inbound ones.
  1. Are the Sandbox numbers live ?
  • Phone numbers are live and can be used for SMS/Fax/Voice (only domestic calling/texting is allowed).
  1. Will my application be throttled ?
  • Avoid loops and aggressive polling. The Throttling limit is 30 reqs/min.
  1. How do I add new numbers to my account?
  1. How do I get support for my application ?
  • Find one of the RingCentral support staff (wearing light grey t-shirts) at the LAUNCH Hack.
  • Walk up to the RingCentral booth.
  • Email support, devsupport@ringcentral.com.

Sample Code

Application to send SMS using the PHP SDK:

sample code Application Ideas

  1. Use communication events as triggers for business actions (incoming SMS, phone calls, etc.).
  2. Use SMS content to update your account configuration.
  3. Integrate RingCentral content (i.e.: voicemails, faxes, etc.) with other cloud services such as Box, DropBox, Google Docs, etc.
  4. Create reminders using voice calls or SMS.
  5. Analyze call log data, create data visualizations.